Such a fun session! Reedy High School Seniors Save Stuck Photographer

Reedy High School Senior Ashlee Hoxsey came to us like a ray of sunshine! This senior is energetic, hilarious, and not to mention STUNNING! We started our journey in Downtown Frisco. This location is so much fun for us! Downtown Frisco offers so many unique looks from the wide variety

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Such a fun session! Reedy Beats Out NW Eaton 43-38

Texans know what’s up when Friday in the Fall roll around: that’s right folks, IT’S FOOTBALL TIME!

Reedy High School faced off against NW Eaton this past Friday at the The Star in Frisco, Texas. With a stunning display of athleticism and determination, the Reedy Lions took the field and beat out NW Eaton 43-38

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These senior model reps look fabulous! Quarterback Gets Lost in the Deep Texas Woods

After passing the same tree for the third time, we could definitely agree that we were lost. But it was the good kind of lost. It was the kind of lost where you have an amazing North Dallas senior, a camera, and a crew that was down for jumping into creeks or hiding in the bushes to get just the right kind of light.

When 6’4” Little Elm High School senior, Austin Carter, walked up to us at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve we can definitely say we were a little...

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We love the way the light falls on Jake in this portrait! Football Player Breaks Stereotypes and Amazes Photographer

Everyone knows the stories, the movies, even the comics. The jocks, usually football players, bully the underdog and are seen as gruesome representations of oversized teenagers. Not this time!

Senior Model Rep, Jake Ray, has to be the nicest guy on the planet. Tall and broad shouldered, Jake certainly fits into the football world, but after the sessions we’ve had the pleasure to photograph him in, we can definitely say that Jake breaks all pretenses of the stereotypical football player. Not only is Jake kind, but he is extremely talented and told our team that he’s positive that...

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A great action shot of a Heritage high school player getting pushed out of bounds. Heritage High School Homecoming Game vs The Colony at Memorial Stadium

The Heritage Coyotes (1-5) held their homecoming game against The Colony Cougars (4-2) Friday night at Memorial Stadium. The Cougars took the lead right away with two touchdowns in the first quarter. Although the Coyotes attempted to make a come back in the second quarter, it just wasn’t enough to keep up with the Cougars who led the game 35-21 at halftime. Junior Bryan Hammond made 3 of 7 touchdowns for the Cougars and they won the game 49-28...

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Lone Star high school player advances the football Lone Star High School Football Homecoming vs Sanger at FC Dallas Stadium

It's normally Friday night lights, but not this time. This was a Thursday night homecoming game for Lone Star High School.  Cheerleader Shelby  (one of our senior model reps) invited us to come out and photograph the game and of course we were excited to do it.  Check out the image of her with her mum.  Congratulations to the homecoming king and queen and to the team for getting the win.

The game was at FC Dallas Stadium and there were some great moments.  It is really fun to watch the game through a super telephoto lens.  Not only do you get a unique...

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Heritage High School Greenville Pizza Hut Stadium Football Game Heritage vs Greenville High School Football Pictures at FC Dallas Stadium (Pizza Hut Park)

In addition to photographing high school senior portraits at our Frisco studio and on-location Skyler and her Mom thought it might be fun for us to come out to a game and capture some of the Friday night light action. Man they were right, was it ever fun! We had a blast, even in the rain. We went out and bought a brand new 300mm beauty from Canon and I have to admit, I'm having a blast cutting my high school sports photography teeth with this lens. It really is an amazing piece of equipment.  It coupled with our new EOS-1D X is going make for some seriously great sports photos, once it...

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Jake B Senior Frisco Commons Park Great Football Player Football Player Senior Portraits with Lake Dallas' Jake

We met up with Jake and family at The Frisco Commons Park to shoot a few senior portraits. Jake, a Lake Dallas senior, kicked the family to the curb (nicely) while we took off shooting. What a great guy, one of the best we have ever photographed. He could hold that smile grin for days, I swear. Quite impressive, I must say. It was great fun had by all. Jake has much in common with another Dallas football player we all know (and love), Jason Witten (82), being a tight end, and a good one, check out this reception and the yards after catch too!!! WOW!

Congratulations Jake...

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